Monday, 2 February 2009

Will Konkona star in Kannada Film ?

There is a rumour that Konkona SenSharma will star in new Kannada movie "Shikari " directed by Abhay Sumha, opposite Mammootty.

Konkona was offered for the leading role and still she hasn't comfirmed yet. The movie plot is based on the pre- and post Independence era and hopefully heroine will get great role.

Konkona is likely to accept and may be this will be her first South Indian Film, although her Southern looks are already on screen since "Mr. and Mrs. Iyer" .

Hopefully this will work out and we will see her in more solid-layered characters.

Moreover, I haven't watched her "Luck by Chance": which got the critically acclaimed but seen to be box office failure :(  . Anyway Konkona was highly praised and I am so pleased for just for this.