Monday, 25 January 2010

20, 30, 40?

It's a breaking news! The two talented ladies of Indian cinema, Tabu and Konkona SenSharma are to be seen sharing screen space in a film named "20, 30, 40".

The article states that, the film is produced by Nazim Rizvi and he has approached both actresses ,who have agreed to work in the film.

This storyline is about three women belonging to three different age groups of 20, 30 and 40. Tabu will play a women belonging to the 40 age group while Konkona has been chosen for the 30 year character. The search for the actress portraying the 20 age group is still on and no one has been finalized.

However, both ladies are too talented at their respective films and this will be great ( for the audience ) the ladies to meet and fight it out on screen.
For me I am too excited for both ladies and it will definitely be interesting to see who wins, na ?

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge : First Look

It's a funny first look. Enjoy !

Friday, 8 January 2010

Wake Up Sid or Luck By Chance ?

The unfair and disgraceful "Star Screen Awards Nominations" are out a few days ago, and Konkona didn't get a single nomination. But for recently out "Apsara Awards List" she get best actress nominee for "Wake Up Sid". It's seen like her performance for "Luck by Chance" is neglected at all (but may be for others annul awards).

Here, I want to set a pool for the Best Actress just with Konkona SenSharma for two different films, since I feel she is only competing with herself in every film.

Konkona SenSharma as Sonam Mishra for "Luck by Chance"

Personally , one of my favorite performances of last year. Since she performs at her brilliant best with realism being at the crux of her versatility.

Konkona SenSharma as Aisha Bannerjee for "Wake Up Sid"

May be her biggest box-office hit so far, here "Wake Up Sid" , Konkona plays as a mature, ambitious , independent , modern Indian woman. For me I love the film ,because of it's sweet romance and admire Konkona for the various emotions that she can pull-off. A pleasing change from all the eye-candy mainstream actresses who have flooded Bollywood of late.

So, please vote the pool , whether she is better in LBC or in WUP . (I've voted for LBC! )