Thursday, 23 February 2012

Two more films with Konkona?

This news report comes from a very reliable source, and we all have to wait until the start of post-production. According to this Times of India article, Konkona SenSharma would play a journalist in Gautam Ghose's film which is inspired by two lines from the director's two favorite authors.

"Yes, I'll be casting Kakon (Konkona) in the role of a journalist. Priyanshu [Chatterjee] will be playing a corporate guy. However, none of them have signed on the project as yet. I have been inspired by two lines from two favorite authors of mine. One is Ernest Hemingway's Old Man And The Sea. The line is "A man can be destroyed but not defeated". Another line is from Alexander Pushkin's poem: "Everything is a sacrifice to your memory". The film is in between these two lines. The film has a sense of adventure in it. We plan to begin shooting in Manali." __ (Gautam Ghose)

However, this is too interesting not to share, Gautam Ghose who is is one of the most acclaimed film directors of Indian Cinema (so far I've watch only 'Paar') having a project with Konkona. There is also a rumor that Konkona would be in Vishal Bhardwaj’s "Dayan" together with Kalki Koechlin and Emraan Hashmi, which be produced by Ekta Kapoor.

So, Konkona is back to work and more and more interesting projects are in line. Hoping the second half of 2012 should be a good one for Konkona films.

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Since I neglected this site for so long, according to Konkona SenSharma's prolonged maternity leave. I miss it. I still admire Konkona as much as ever, and I am keep touch with her doings by following her on Twitter. But now her leave is over.

Great news is that Konkona is set to portray as Tagore heroine in Suman Mukherjee's adaptation of "Shesher Kabita" opposite her regular co-star Rahul Bose. I haven't read the novel yet although I've bought the recent translation by Radha Chakravarty. Must have to pick it up soon. Konkona will play as Labannya.

Next, Konkona also stars in Ananth Narayan Mahadevan's "Gaur Hari Dastaan", which also stars her husband Ranvir Shorey. But she would be seen opposite Vinay Pathak plays Indian freedom fighter Gauri Hari Das,as his wife.

Great news, isn't it ? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her new projects. In the meantime, I hope some more good news and pictures will seen and I would report back here.