Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Konkona become a story-teller !

Konkona is now recording for an audio book series for Karadi Tales.Watch the interview here.

"These are short folk tales with a little bit of a moral tucked away in every story. There is one on a rat and another one about making bargains,” Konkona says.

Ask: Is there any do's and don'ts in story telling?

Konkona: "I have been told to read slowly which is very difficult for me since I am a fast reader. Even when I am reading in my mind or aloud I tend to do it fast. I think the children are going to lose their patience with me"

Karadi Tales Company’s Narayan Parasuram hope the story audio book will be a big draw with the children because of the celebrity factor. He also says that this audio book is also for child especially to homes where book reading does not exist.

And they state that Shahrukh Khan will going to be reading next.

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