Monday, 10 December 2007

Konkona in Aaja Nachle !

After the controversies release of Aaja Nachle, and reading such a very bias reviews from various websites, I became so upset. A movie of fun , great acting ( of course Madhuri , and very brave performances from Konkona) , also drama in entertaining way was emerged as disappointment.

Even worse films became hits, this movie is reviewed as flop. I really cannot understand the audiences feedback and analysis.Simply I want to say that "Aaja Nachle" is one of the most entertaining films I have been watched. Drama , songs and dances , beautifully featured love and loss also rootlessness of NRI , just wow.

For performances , everyone is Ok , of course you have to take note that this is neither art film nor reality show , just house-whole entertaining film. Madhuri's wonderful (still youthful) come back is really nice and I really want to see her more.Kunal is ok and looks cute in his naughty guys shoes. Other supporting casts are alright and such a wonderful songs and setting.

Surely the most celebriting thing after Maduri is Konkona. She is very brilliant and none of today Mumbi actresses cannot do her role. Her running nose tomboy acts (aslo cannot sing and dance) make me more crazy for her. Also her dancing at very first scenes are really funny and we cannot stop laughing. She make herself fool and don't mind us for laughing her. I love you more Konkonji. And the last scenes are alos well shot and I really enjoy the film.

Even some states that Konkona is over acting , Konkona works is not great her previous ones : I am very glad to see u as a vistile actress Koko. So just keep it up and give us more meaningful movies. Good Luck for You.

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Filmi Geek said...

I just saw Aaja Nachle last night - I haven't written it up myself yet. But I thought Konkona was fantastic. Not overacting, just throwing herself into the role. Konkona put on the skin of the village tomboy and did so with flair and with an appeal that was more than skin deep. I think some critics are so accustomed to starry hamming - and so unaccustomed to good acting from female stars - that they don't recognize actual acting when they see someone like Konkona doing it.

Good for Konkona for being tough enough to play a role like this - not too many young female actors would want to show themselves in that kind of light, horking snot all over themselves and whatnot. Konkona proves that you don't need to be glamorous to be appealing - or just to be damn good.