Friday, 13 June 2008

Konkona in Karan Johar next production with Ranbir Kapoor .

These days, such kind of goods news comes along with Konkona. Ranbir Kapoor is all set to star opposite Konkona Sen Sharma in a film that will be produced by Karan Johar's Dharma Production.
This film will be directed by Ayaan Mukherjee , having working title "Wake up Sid" and The subject of film revolves around a good looking young guy (Ranbir) who falls for an older not so attractive woman (Konkona).
"Konkona and Ranbir coming together like the synthesis of Venus and Mars . That's exactly the point. In this Mumbai-based romance about urban relationships, the director needed a pair that seems incompatible. The film is about seeking a level of compatibility in a world gone distinctly out of control. Moreover Konkona will have hardly any make up in the film.Ranbir plays the yuppie who’s drawn to her, but she doesn’t understand why ?"
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Currently both Konkona and Ranbir read the the script, they immediately fell in love with the script and says "Yes".Even the close friend of Ranbir tell us that the actor is a huge fan of Konkona and was thrilled to learn that he would be working opposite her in the film.
For me I am seriously excited for this news and do updates at onces I get to know more !

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