Saturday, 31 January 2009

Luck by Chance , A Lucky movie for Konkona?

I still haven't watch this "Luck by Chance", because it is still not screened in Singapore. But I am delighted when I read through the various reviews through web. Nearly all reviews praise for Konkona's performances, and feel seriously keen to watch next week-end. Here, are some reviews that devoted to Konkona.

  • "Konkona Sen Sharma is exceptional. The supremely talented actress delivers a
    sparkling performance yet again."

--Taran Adarsh (Bollywood Hungam)

  • "Konkona Sen-Sharma is amazingly flawless. She even carries off a last, very long shot – obviously inspired by George Clooney in Michael Clayton – perfectly."

-- Hindustan Time

  • " Konkona Sensharma proves yet again she's the go-to-girl for complex, layered characters, and she does a swell job of investing heart and poignancy into the picture."

--Rejeev Masand (CNN-IBN)

  • For all those who think Luck By Chance is about Farhan Akhtar might just be surprised at how the film ends. Because even though it focuses on this smooth-talking struggler who makes his way up the ranks, the film is essentially the story of the woman who has stood by him all along.
    In a sense the film does belong to
    Konkona Sen Sharma who plays this part.
    Your heart goes out to her because you see her being used by all the men in her life – including the pansy journalist who doesn't think twice before splashing details of her relationship on the cover page of a gossip magazine......Watch the film for
    Hrithik's dance, Konkona's performance and all the guest stars. Zoya Akhtar shows just how a film should be made.

--Abhishek Mande . Buzz18

Wow !!!! What's the good reviews, na? I am really happy and excited to watch and read more about this movie. Good Job Konkona and please give us more such solid-performances. We still want to watch more <3>

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Manuj said...

The movie is absolutely amazing with a lot of glittery visuals-but the most amazing performance is from Konkana-simplicity overcome all the glitter. Brilliant performance and look forward to more movies.