Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Pressure to be Skinny !

It would be safe to say Konkona SenSharma's talent is possibly the best thing since hot coffee on a rainy night and it's clear no one can have enough. But is there a certain kind of pressure to be skinny since she stepped into the shoes of typical Hindi film heroine?

She is currently working in Karan Johar's next "Wake up Sid" and his decision to star Konkona as the leading lady is surprised by many. Karan Johar loves to present his leading ladies as glamor dolls although this movie revolves around a good looking guy (Ranbir) who falls for an older, simple woman (Konkona). So, Karan lived up to his vision by not just hiring fashion designer Manish Malhotra to give Konkona a new look, but he also made her lose weight for the role.

But in few months old article, the creators of "Wake up Sid" didn't satisfied with their heroine looks and they politely requested her to re-shoot some scenes, but Konkona refused to re-shoot them. She proudly declares that they will get her just the way she is. I am, personally, glad that she stood her own ground.

But in Time of India article, after all the shooting is finished, Konkona went back to her original weight and a day’s patch work is needed. So
Karan Johar, ask her to take her weight loss program again. He is of the opinion that since it is patch work, the difference in Konkona’s physical appearance will clearly be seen and he does not want that. This shooting is scheduled for the end of August and Konkona remained unavailable for comment.

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