Thursday, 16 August 2007

Titli (Bengali Film) - 2002

Kononka's very first acclaimed role is Rituporno Ghosh's Titli , which is in Bengali. In the film she play the role of teenager who is crazy a film star, who already have an affair with her own mother.

This film is about the beautiful relationship of mother and daughter , played by Aparna Sen and Konkona (whose are real life mother and daughter).
Konkona performance is amazing as the dream romance broken teenager and having tension with her mother for her hero. She is also confused girl that whether her mother is still in love with the film star.Her character innocent is very prised for me.
After all Titli is much watch movie for Konkon's fan with great performances from Aparna and great direction of Rituporno Ghosh himself .

Rituporno Ghosh is a great Bengali director and he already made three films with Konkona. I'm still finding the DVD of ''Dosar" and waiting for the release of "Sunglass".

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