Thursday, 27 September 2007

Guest Post: Myanmar Anti-government protests

Even though this blog is about my favourite celebrity , I , Myanmar , cannot live without posting the current events in Myanmar. Actually this blog was checked by mostly Indian people and I hopefully post for this information:
"Myanmar military Government planned Saffron Revolution of Myanmar monks to the religious issue. They ask some followers to act like monks and destroy the Mosque in order to leads the religious war between Islam and Buddhism"

Since the Myanmar government cannot mange the situation and they want to leads the revolution to the religious issue. Most importantly that the events happening in Myanmar are one of the most fair revolution to the government for their unfair democracy-less leadership of 45 years duration. For the raising for fuel other important survivals prices , the whole nation become awoken.

For today ,our people leads to our goal of Democracy Nation. And we all Myanmar people have to support and have to withstand the difficulties that occurred through the way. We have to fight for our country herself and for our new generations. So I hopefully thought that all Myanmar students and Myanmar people in Singapore help to the protesters as far as we could and don't neglects for our motherland!

Moreover some Indian people help yours relatives in Myanmar not to turns the religious war between Islam and Buddhism. We only concentrate on our motherland Myanmar and the monks protest is not connected with any other religious issue !!
"Pray and wish for the Buddhist monks who try , protest for our Myanmar Country and People"
"Myanmar Must Be the Democracy Nation"

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