Saturday, 1 September 2007

Konkona have to dance with Madhuri !

We all know Madhuri Dixit is the dancing queen of Bollywood.Her dance numbers are already popular and her films became hits ready. Her came back film "Aaja Nachle" is about the stage actress who is getting age and she have to encounter the affair with her stage-manager (ex-lover) and young actress . By the director's talk , Konkona plays the very important role in this film along with Akshay Khanna and Kunal Kapoor.
But recent reports state that Konkona have to dance with the nimble-footed Madhuri Dixit ! Oh God ! They says that Konkona nearly run away for this condition.
But now Konkona says with a laugh -

"It was scary, Sharing acting space with Madhuri didn't make me that nervous. I knew I could manage to hold my own in that department. But one has to be totally crazy to even attempt to match dance steps with Madhuri. I thought I'd faint when I had to dance with her. Fortunantely our choreograpaher Vaibhavi Merchant gave me steps that didn't make me look foolish in front of Madhuri. In fact the film requires unequal dancing between Madhuri and the rest of us in the cast. Jaan bachi!"

Oh what's a wonderful answer with self confidence and challenge . Even Madhuriji states that Konkona is today most natural actress in "Koffee with Karan" , Konkona try her dancing lessons and can essay the role of stage actress .

"But yes, Aaja Nachle is very special…Madhuri Dixit is amazing! We're having such a ball. We hang around together even when we aren't shooting. Madhuri is such a big star. But she's so chilled. So fun-loving and totally unaffected."

Konkona states about her high-profile co-star like that. I am waiting forward this movie again for the big come-back of Madhuri as well as another (hopefully) outstanding performance form my favourite Konkona !

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