Saturday, 1 September 2007

"My daughter, my pride" : Aparna Sen

I love Aparna Sen as the awarding winning director , acclaimed actress and as the mother of Konkona too. One thing we can say is that she is a very brilliant director with high drama and powerful emotion. Her film "15, Park Avenue" won the "National Award for English Film" and she and Konkona has been honoured with the "Zee Astitva Award" for their outstanding contribution to cinema.
There was a story when Konkona Sen Sharma came into the industry as an actress, many wondered how she would live in the long shadow of her actor-director mother Aparna Sen. And whether she made it into films because of her mother. But she has put that doubt at rest permanently by proving again and again with her acclaimed films that she is an actor with her own style.
Right now mom Aparna is making a film named "Japanese Wife" without Konkona but with Raima Sen to pair opposite Rahul Bose. But Aparna confirmed that she will make "Jewellery Box" after this film with Konkona again. Firstly, I heard that she will not make this one and just make "Japanese Wife".
"Jewellery Box" , which is a comedy , is her first feature film in Hindi and it's about three generations of women and their changing attitudes viewed through a box of jewels. This film will also star Govinda, Sharmila Tagore and Soha Ali Khan.

In DNA interview , Aparna comments on Konkona -

"She's honest, instinctive and innovative. She is a dream to work with. And she's also free to say 'no' to me.We're very close. Our sense of aesthetics, sensibilities and values are the same. Her voice, body language and expressions are similar to mine."

Anyway I love both Konkona and Aparna for their brilliant films and performance.Even Konkona states that her mother's film "Japanese Wife" is a wonderful one and a very beautiful script. So I am looking forward this film .Actually Raima is also a talented actress . But now I have great hope on Aparna "Jewellery Box" which we can expected in late 2008 .

Anyway Konkona is now making the successful transition from offbeat films to commercial films. She says that while she continues to do offbeat cinema which mainly targets festival audiences, she is simultaneously doing mainstream cinema as well which gets her instant appreciation and recognition. Go on Konkona !

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